“The Mother Load” – 5 Day / 4 Night Adventure for the serious adventurer!
Experience the Great Basin on a Grand Scale!
  • Commitment: 5 days – includes air travel time
  • Location: Great Basin – Goldfield, Nevada
  • Vehicle: Off-Road Buggy – Zero 1 purpose built
  • Skill Level: All

Zero One Odysseys specializes in Adventures and Access.

ADVENTURES that deliver a wealth of stories and experiences to last a lifetime.  ACCESS to parts of the world hidden from the highways and by-ways.  We take you into the places where history happened, where nature is still wild and people are real, not another roadside marker, viewing area or tourist attraction.

This isn’t just about what’s out there – it’s how you get there.  You’ll drive performance off-road buggies, purpose-built to cover terrain at speed – it’s fun, exhilarating and memorable.

Getting behind the wheel of our buggies is something only a few will ever experience, but the few that do – walk away with a new kind of wealth – stories, confidence and friendships that last a lifetime.

Each year adventurous individuals from all walks of life, leave their ‘normal lives’ behind to set out on a Zero 1 Adventure; to traverse across some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery in Nevada and Arizona.

This challenge offers you the opportunity to learn about yourself and push your limits.  The conditions we tackle throughout the event ensure that everyone will be tested while maintaining a high level of safety.  For the less experienced drivers, a team member will always be available to offer help and instruction.  Without doubt, the Zero 1 Adventure is suited to novice and expert alike. In the hands of the Zero 1 team you will gain the confidence to tackle fast rally style roads, sand washes and pine tree lined mountain roads. The tours are by no means a race, but are certainly not a normal touristy ride-along.  You drive… custom built, highly prepared performance buggies – the same ones we use in the Mint 400, Vegas to Reno and the Baja 1000 races.  You will be swapping driving duties with a co-driver, someone you may have met the night before or a long-time friend.  By the end of the trip, you will have bonded with your tour-mates and discovered things about life you never knew, about them and about yourself.   You walk away with amazing, seemingly unbelievable stories you will share forever.

You will be driving in a group with a diverse amount of experience and comfort level; no matter how fast you are, are guides are faster. Zero 1 guides are extremely experienced in driving instruction, geography, environment, mechanics and perhaps even some knowledge of the local “whiskey” to share at the end of the day.   There is radio communication between driver and co-driver, as well as, car to car.

The accommodations, we like to say, are “the best in every town.” The Ranch @ Zero 1 offers new, individual cabins set in an Old West environment designed to create a comfortable, relaxing experience.  The Historic Mizpah Hotel is real history! Built in 1910 and recently renovated it is the jewel of Central Nevada Hotels.

At the end of the day, the support crew will hand you a beer, and we are certain it will be one of the best beers you ever had!


  • $5,995 per person. Includes vehicle rental, fuel, safety gear, lodging, food and beverage. Adult beverages are only provided at welcome party.
  • $150 per person for additional night @ The ranch. Includes additional meals.
  • 20% due at time of booking
  • 20% discount for off season booking. March-June.
  • $300 Custom graphic helmets available. Order early.

What's Included

  • Fully Prepared Zero 1 Buggy.
  • Fuel
  • Safety Gear
  • Safety Plan
  • Loads of Instruction
  • Lodging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Plenty of Good Times!
  • Adult Beverages are the participants responsibility.


Day 1 – Orientation Day

  • Pick up at Las Vegas McCarran Airport or hotel.  (Arrive by 11:30am) Transport to The Ranch @ Zero1.
  • Drivers orientation and behind the wheel instruction.
  • Cocktails and Dinner

Day 2 – Big Valley’s

  • 150-180 miles of adventure!
  • Lunch in Belmont, NV historic district.
  • Overnight at the Historic Mizpah Hotel. Circa 1907.

Day 3 – Historic Ione and Berlin State Park

  • 160 + miles of adventure!
  • Lunch at Berlin State Park
  • Overnight in Cold Springs near Pony Express Depot.

Day 4 – The Royston Hills and Turquoise Mines 

  • 160 + miles of adventure!
  • Lunch at our favorite burger stand in Mina.
  • Overnight in Cold Springs near Pony Express Depot.
  • Return to The Ranch @ Zero1

Day 5 – Twists, Turns and Returns

  • 80-90 miles of adventure!
  • Lunch at The Ranch @ Zero1.
  • Return to Las Vegas. We will have you there by 6:00pm for a ‘Vegas Night’ or return flight home.


Must have and bring:

  • Driver License.
  • Signed Zero1 Liability Release.

Be in good physical condition.

What do I bring?

  • Weatherproof light jacket
  • Fleece or Sweatshirt
  • Gloves (driving or motorcycle)
  • Clothing you can layer: long and short sleeved shirts
  • Shorts (In Spring and Summer)
  • Comfortable loose pants
  • Socks – bring extras
  • Ladies – you may want to bring a sports bra as the trail can get bumpy
  • Hat/Bandana
  • Sunglasses
  • Old tennis shoes or light weight hiking boots

(You will have a better feel for the clutch if you don’t wear heavy boots)

Personal Items
  • Extra $$ for souvenirs, alcohol, tips or unexpected expenditures
  • Credit/ATM Card – not accepted at all stops
  • Camera, extra batteries, extra memory cards
  • Personal toiletries: toothbrush, medications, etc
  • Sunblock, Chapstick and lotion
  • Ziplock bags to keep important items clean and dry


Cancellation Policy

Less than 30 prior to trip = forfeiture of all monies

More than 30 days prior = Reschedule at no cost for future date or refunded with 25% penalty.

Out of Pocket Max

Most guests do not want to be held responsible for replacing large portions or an entire vehicle in the event of a catastrophic incident. With this in mind, Zero One Odysseys has included in your trip price a program in place that covers the majority of the cost of damage incurred from such an event.  The out of pocket max is $4000.00 applicable per incident.

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