Since 2007, Zero1 has specialized in providing clients with access to Nevada’s unique past, diverse terrain and spacious beauty, either on two wheels or on four. Zero1 is the opportunity and realization of a dream to share our passions – Nevada, adventurous people, and fast, exciting ways to explore.

We’re always looking for new trails, interesting places and fun people. Zero1’s purpose-built, safari style performance touring cars take people away from the everyday, and to a place that can feel exhilarating, and fresh. We want our guests to find something in themselves that adds empowerment and attitude to their lives. Getting behind the wheel of our tour cars is something only a few will ever experience, but the few that do will walk away with a new kind of wealth: Stories, confidence and friendships that last a lifetime.

It sounds lofty. We know that. But it doesn’t stop us from trying.

You’ll find Earl and Rick on most tours, personally guiding, hosting and crafting each custom adventure. Along with us is our crew, an exceptional bunch of people with years of experience in the world of dirt, and dirt sports. From championship dirt bike racers to ranchers, rodeo guys to amazing mechanics, we know our way around the wilds of Nevada, and through rough terrain with ease.

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