Zero1 Tour FAQs

You are about to experience the Adventure of a lifetime. You will drive through places few people see. The best part is you will do this in the comfort of our purpose built off-road machines always within earshot of our professional staff. We are proud of our vehicles and the services we provide and are confident you will be truly impressed as well. With this in mind we wish to take a moment to explain a few things.

What To Know


You will need some cash to cover incidentals such as alcohol, souvenirs and gratuities. Many locations in rural Nevada do not accept Credit Cards and there may not be any ATM machines.

Vehicle Damage

We offer our guests the opportunity to experience an adventure using a $100,000 off road vehicle. We expect guests to treat equipment with respect and care. It is imperative you understand you will be financially responsible for all damages incurred to the vehicle as a result of your miscalculations while driving. If you make an error, your guide will fill out a damage report for you to sign and process. While your guide can create a rough damage estimate, he cannot give you the exact cost as the vehicle will need inspection at our shop at tours completion. Upon returning home you will receive an e-mail invoice directing you on payment methods.

Out of Pocket Max

Most guests do not want to be held responsible for replacing large portions or an entire vehicle in the event of a catastrophic incident. With this in mind, Zero One Odysseys has included in your trip price a program in place that covers the majority of the cost of damage incurred from such an event. The out of pocket max is $4000.00 applicable per incident.


While consumption of alcohol the night before driving will not prevent you from driving our Tour Cars, Zero1 Odysseys reserves the right to deny driving to any client as a result of Client being “over-served.”


Questions regarding crew tips are commonly raised. As with any service business, while gratuity is not required, it is always greatly appreciated and in most cases well deserved. Our staff members work hard to serve you and make your Zero One Odysseys Adventure safe, comfortable, and exciting. Please direct all moneys to your guide. The guide will distribute to the crew making sure all team members are rewarded for a job well done.

Nerfing/Equipment Abuse

Nerfing, bumping or touching of vehicles for any reason will not be tolerated and will result in your driving privileges being revoked on an immediate basis. Zero One Odysseys reserves the right to refuse service if the equipment is being abused or if the client is endangering himself, others or property.


If you have items you wish to take with you on trail, a small backpack will fit in the car baggage compartment in the front of the vehicle. An ice chest is available daily should you have medication that needs to be refrigerated. Zero1 Odysseys is not responsible for any lost luggage or any damage to destruction of any property resulting or claimed to result from or arise out of the Trip.

What To Bring

Based on our previous excursions, we have complied a list of items that we recommend you bring so you may fully enjoy your adventure.


▪ Weatherproof light jacket
▪ Fleece or Sweatshirt
▪ Gloves (driving or motorcycle)
▪ Clothing you can layer: long and short sleeved shirts
▪ Shorts (In Spring and Summer)
▪ Comfortable loose pants
▪ Socks – bring extras
▪ Ladies – you may want to bring a sports bra as the trail can get bumpy
▪ Hat/Bandana
▪ Sunglasses
▪ Old tennis shoes or light weight hiking boots
(You will have a better feel for the clutch if you don’t wear heavy boots)

Personal Items

▪ Extra $$ for souvenirs, alcohol, tips or unexpected expenditures
▪ Credit/ATM Card – not accepted at all stops
▪ Camera, extra batteries, extra memory cards
▪ Personal toiletries: toothbrush, medications, etc
▪ Sunblock, chapstick and lotion
▪ Ziplock bags to keep important items clean and dry

Helmet Sizing Chart









21 5/8 – 22  

22 – 22 ½  

22 5/8 – 23 ½  

  23 ½ – 24 1/4  

    24 3/8 – 25  


Packages Starting at $200 Per night! (single occupancy)