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Odyssey Routes

We’ll take you places no other tour company can.


Zero1 tour cars are powerful and safe, with almost two feet of wheel travel, these cars can handle the most rugged terrain at speed. With over 4 million miles of tours & racing, you are in arguably one of the most tested off-road vehicles.

Zero1’s Odyssey packages offer multi-day, off-road adventures that reach deep into some of the most scenic and remote terrain of the desert Southwest. You’ll find yourself covering miles of challenging trails at speed utilizing a purpose-built vehicle, and experiencing a one-of-a-kind journey you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Zero1 specializes in two things: Adventure, and Access.

1) ADVENTURE: The Zero1 experience has been carefully crafted to deliver a wealth of stories and memories to our guests. Our treks are singularly unique experiences; ones that provide exploits that simply can’t be matched elsewhere.

2) ACCESS: With Zero1, you’ll see parts of the world hidden from the casual traveler. We take you to the places where history happened, where nature is still wild, and people are real.

Zero1 combines these core priorities to deliver authentic sojourns into undeniable splendor. You won’t see roadside markers, “viewing areas” or or tourist attractions on our watch. What you will experience is unspoiled nature at its most stunning, and points of interest that aren’t on any map. Because we know it isn’t just about what’s out there – it’s how you get there.

When you take an adventure with Zero1, you’ll discover something in yourself. Getting behind the wheel of our tour cars is something only a few will ever experience, but the few that do walk away with something invaluable: Stories, confidence and friendships that will last a lifetime.


Lincoln County was settled by pioneers seeking new land and religious freedom, by prospectors looking for riches, and by the railroads looking for new routes across the arid landscape. These divergent and sometimes conflicting interests shaped an area that has heat trails coming off dry lake beds and lodge pole pine forests where snow can fly in July.



Covering five counties in Western Nevada, we have found places time forgot but you soon won’t. The region is full of boom and bust mining history, famous old west characters and views of valleys and mountains that seem never-ending.



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