Zero1’s first formal driver training program for Naval Special Warfare (2008) were focused solely on the off-road environment. These programs were delivered in a multitude of vehicle platforms including JNTVs, LTATVs, GMVs and dirt bikes. In 2014 Zero1 delivered its first “Urban” pavement training program to NSW, thus rounding out a complete multi-platform, multi-surface driver training solution.

Zero1 became the first driver training vendor with the expertise and assets to deliver programs that covered all vehicle platforms and driving environments required by NSW.  In 2015, Zero1 was awarded the first ever IDIQ contract for Tactical Ground Mobility –Advanced Driver Training from NSW.  Training requirements were developed to meet the specific needs of the Teams.  Today, Zero1 delivers Train the Trainer programs for NSW, as well as ground mobility and mechanical training for others, including Air Force Battlefield Airmen and CAG personnel.

In the last three years Zero1 has experienced significant growth through the expansion of existing programs and the launch of new business extensions. This growth includes: Testing and development of government vehicles, Polaris RZR programs, Military Training, Racing and Custom Events.  These programs enable Zero1 to capitalize on a unique set of capabilities that deliver unparalleled training and experiences.


To be the industry leader in delivering advanced driver training programs that excel in skill and knowledge development, safety and flawless execution.


Technology:   The ability to assess individual performance in a measurable way is a key element to delivering effective training. Zero1 measures and records performance throughout the training program.  Recently, Zero1 partnered with an engineering team from Purdue University to take the assessment to a whole different level. The team is developing technology that utilizes in vehicle sensors and a software platform to record performance data:

1.Utilizing Smart Phone /Tablet

2.Individual assessment vs. ideal criteria

3.Reports that provide individual scores

4.Identifies areas requiring additional training

5.Web based reporting accessible to leadership


Zero1 has developed a comprehensive QCP that is implemented during every training program.  The plan defines the standard operating procedures and policies that ensure all training objectives are met and professional conduct and a professional environment is upheld throughout the training programs.


Zero1 has multiple training locations that provide a variety of training environments including two remote (base camp) locations that are ideal for training in the off road environment.

Corporate Office and Mechanical Shop –   Located in the industrial park adjacent to Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS).  The 15,000 sq. ft. facility includes a dedicated 1000 sq. ft. training classroom, full mechanical and fabrication shop.  The location provides easy access for On Road / Pavement and mixed surface modules conducted at the LVMS facility.

The Ranch @ Zero1 –   Located in Goldfield, Nevada, the ranch is a brand new facility that opened in 2016.  The Ranch is centrally located within the off road areas covered in the BLM permits owned by Zero1.  The facility consists of (6) custom built cabins each having (2) separate rooms with full baths; a (3) bedroom house; clubhouse with kitchen and bar; laundry facilities, gym and (4) RV spaces with full hookups.  A 4000 sq. ft. shop and mechanical facility is available with all the necessary tools and equipment to support any training mission.

Base Camp South –  Located 25 miles south of Las Vegas in Jean, Nevada and is the base camp for Polaris RZR operations.  The 5 acre fenced property has a classroom building as well as a mechanical area.  BLM permitted trails join the private property, allowing direct access to the off road environment.

Remote Training Locations – Let us bring the training to you. Our vast fleet of vehicles, instructors and remote locations can be mobilized for your training needs.

BLM Permits:  Arguably the most valuable assets are the Special Use permits granted to Zero1 by the BLM.  The permits cover more than 3000 miles of trails throughout multiple counties in Nevada and Arizona.

Zero1 provides world-class training on all forms of vehicles from pavement, to off-road. Led by highly qualified instructors with decades of experience, Zero1 teaches proper driving techniques, recovery methods, and mechanical knowledge. Please contact us directly for information on our training programs.

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